One of Buffalo's most talented acoustic bass players, Marc Cousins is the driving pulse and harmonic foundation

of the Jazzline Trio


             When Marc is unavailble, talent bassist Jennifer May completes the trio or quartet.


                      And Joe Ferrara, one of Buffalo's finest jazz drummers,

                                                    Is the rhythmic foundation of the Jazzline Quartet

                   Together, Jennie Jones and Dennis Warne have created many exciting arrangements of originals and standards, and are well-known for their supper-club performances at many of the fine dining establishments in and around the Buffalo area. They can be found performing at local outdoor concerts as well.

                  Jazzline is a member of the Historic Colored Musician's Club, 145 Broadway, Buffalo, NY. They can occasionally be found performing at the CMC.



             The group continues to be an important part of the Buffalo music scene, including:

Queen City Jazz Festival, 2009 & 2010

                                  Pepsi Jazz Festival, Olean, NY                        Juneteenth celebration, MLK Park